Author 1 Author 2 Author 3 Publication Date Format Title Index
Surname Initial Surname Initial Surname Initial
Adams E         1969 S Links: 18C porcelain manufacturers & Staffordshire Staffordshire porcelain
Adams E         1987 S Chelsea Porcelain Chelsea porcelain
Adams E Redstone D     1981 S Bow porcelain Bow porcelain
Adams E Redstone D     1991 S Bow porcelain Bow porcelain
Adams L Adams Y     1987 F Meissen Portrait Figures Meissen porcelain
Ainslie J         1961 S Bow Porcelain: Sale catalogue Bow porcelain
Akerman J, H         1847 S Examples of coffee house, tavern etc tokens Tokens
Allen A, B         1987 S European pottery and porcelain: Exhibition Catalogue European porcelain pottery
Allen A, B         1989 S The Isaacson collection of English, French and Italian porcelain English, French and Italian porcelain
Ames J         1748 S Catalogues of English heads Engravings
Amor A          1973 S Worcester porcelain Worcester porcelain
Amor A         1976 S Dr John Wall 1708 - 1776 John Wall
Amor A         1977 S James Giles China Painter 1718 - 1780 James Giles
Amor A         1978 S The Peter Stephens Collection: Plymouth and Bristol porcelain Plymouth and Bristol porcelain
Amor A         1979 S Blue and White 18C English soft paste porcelain English porcelain
Amor A         1980 S The golden age: masterpieces of 18C English porcelain English porcelain
Amor A         1981 S Worcester porcelain: the first decade1751/61 Worcester porcelain
Amor A         1982 S Bow porcelain. Exhibition in memory of Geoffrey Freeman Bow porcelain
Amor A         1983 S The elegant porcelain of James Giles James Giles
Amor A         1984 S The Wills collection of Dr Wall porcelain Worcester porcelain
Amor A         1985 S The Sidders collection of Dr Wall porcelain Worcester porcelain
Amor A         1992 S The Daurnay collection of Bow & other 18C English porcelain Bow and English porcelain
Amor A         1986 S The Paul B Zeisler Jr collection of 18C English blue and white porcelain English porcelain
Amor A         1990 S 18C English chinoiserie porcelain English porcelain
Amor A         1977 S Quaker Pegg Quaker Pegg
Anderton B         1910 S Fragrance among old volumes Miscellaneous
Anderton G         1752 S General history of apparitions Miscellaneous
Angerstein R, R         2001 S Travel Diary 1735 - 55 Miscellaneous
Antrobus J, J         1950 S Some memories of Bishop's Hatfield and its past Miscellaneous
Archer M         No Date S English Delftware: exhibition at the Rijksmuseum English delftware
Archer M         1971 S Irish Delftware: exhibition at Castletown House Irish delftware
Archer M         1979 O Irish pottery and porcelain Irish pottery and porcelain
Archer M Morgan B     No Date S Fair as china dishes: English delftware English delftware
Archer M         1997 S Delftware: V & A collection Delftware
Ariens van Hamme J         1676 F Patent Patents
Armistead J         1767 M Manuscript account books Account books
Armistead J         1809 M Manuscript account books Account books
Armistead I, C, M Grant-Davison W, T     No Date S Swansea Pottery (Meager bequest) Swansea pottery
Aronson A         No Date S Dutch delftware Dutch delftware
Atkinson D Oswald A     1969 F London clay tobacco pipes London tobacco pipes
Atterbury P, L Irvine L     1979 S The Doulton Story Doulton
Audsley G, A Bowes J, L     1881 S Keramic art of Japan Ceramics Japan
Avery C, L         1949 S Masterpieces of European porcelain: Exhibition catalogue European porcelain 
Avery T         1996 S The Enid Goldblatt Collection of Continental Porcelain Continental porcelain
Ayres J Impey F Mallet J, V, G 1990 S Porcelain for Palaces: Exhibition catalogue Oriental porcelain
Baer W         1969 S Berliner Porzallan Exhibition Catalogue Berlin porcelain
Bailey J, T, H         1907 S Francesco Bartolozzi Engravings
Baldry A, I         1904 F The Wallace Collection Wallace
Ballantyne A, R         1885 S Robert Hancock and his works Hancock
Barbantini N         1936 S Le Porcellane di Venezia e delle Nove Nove porcelain
Barber E, A         1907 S Artificial soft-paste porcelain Porcelain
Barile C          1975 F Antiche ceramiche Liguri Italian porcelain and pottery
Barker D Halfpenny P     1990 S Unearthing Staffordshire Staffordshire porcelain and pottery
Barlow J         1758 S Dictionarium polygraphicum Miscellaneous
Barrett F, A         1966 S Worcester porcelain & Lund's Bristol Worcester and Bristol porcelain
Barrett F, A Thorpe       1971 S Derby Porcelain Derby porcelain
Bartolozzi           No Date S Exhibition of English delftware: Rijkmuseum, Amsterdam English delftware
Bastien J         1982 S La faience et la porcelaine de Strasbourg Strasbourg porcelain and pottery
Bauer M         1983 S Deutsches porzellan des 18C Frankfurt Museum catalogue German porcelain
Baynes J         1789 F Patent Patents
Bedford J         1966 S Old Worcester China Worcester porcelain
Bedford J         1964 S Bristol and other coloured glass Glass
Begg P, L Rosenberg F     1994 F Parasols and Pagodas Porcelain
Bell A         No Date S Mantegna (Masterpieces in Colour Series) Art
Bell S         1729 F Patent Patents
Bemrose W         1898 S Bow, Chelsa and Derby porcelain Bow, Chelsea and Derby porcelain
Bemrose W Wallis A     1870 S The pottery and porcelain of Derbyshire Derbyshire porcelain and pottery
Bemrose W         1906 S Longton Hall porcelain Longton Hall porcelain
Benson T         No Date F Patent Patents
Benton E         1969 S Patches, patch-boxes & a queen in Blackcntrymn (Vol. 2) Miscellaneous
Bergesen V         1989 S Majolica: British, Continental & American 1815 - 1915 Majolica
Bewick T         1962 F 1800 Woodcuts Art
Bickham G         No Date F Universal penmanship Drawing book
Bickham G         No Date F Bickham's Musical entertainer: Harrow replica Drawing book
Bickham G         1748 F The British Monarchy Drawing book
Billin T         1722 F Patent Patents
Binns C, F         No Date S The story of the potter History
Binns R, W         1882 S Catalogue of Worcester porcelain at Royal Porcelain Works Worcester porcelain
Binns R, W         1865 S A century of potting in the city of Worcester Worcester porcelain
Bisset J         1800 S Birmingham Museum Birmingham
Blacker J, F         1921 S The ABC of collecting old English china Porcelain
Blacker J, F         1922 S The ABC of English salt-glazed stoneware Stoneware
Blakemore T         1922 S China Clay China clay
Blanc C         1852 F Painters of all nations (10 parts: 6,7 & 8 lacking) Art
Blanc C         1855 F History of the painters Art
Blazy G         1987 S Le porcelaine de Tournai 2nd Edition catalogue: Bruxelles Tournai porcelain
Blazy G         1989 F Les plaques en faience de Delft Delft faience
Blazy G         1988 F Chefs-d'oevre de la faience du Musee de Saint-Omer France faience
Blazy G         1983 F Delft capitale de la faience Exhibition catalogue Muee de Saint-Omer Delft faience
Bloice B Thorn J     1969 S Tin Glazed pottery in London Archaeology Vol. 3/4 Delftware
Blunt R         1924 S The Cheyne book of Chelsea china and pottery (2 copies) Chelsea 
Boardman J         1871 S Liverpool table talk a hundred years ago Liverpool miscellaneous
Bogaers M         1992 S Drukdecors op Maastrichts aardwerk 1850 - 1900 Miscellaneous
Bohn H, G         1872 S A guide to the knowledge of pottery and porcelain Porcelain and pottery 
Boney K         1957 S Liverpool porcelain Liverpool porcelain
Bourne G         1919 S William Smith, potter and farmer 1790 - 1858 William Smith
Bowes J, L         1882 F Japanese marks and seals Miscellaneous
Bowles   Carver       1970 S Catchpenny prints Art
Bowles C         1773 S Principles of drawing Drawing book
Boydell J Boydell J     1803 S Catalogue of plates, stock of J & J Boydell Art
Bradshaw P, L         1922 S Bow porcelain figures Bow porcelain
Branyan L French N Sandon J  1989 S Worcester blue & white porcelain 1751 - 90 Worcester porcelain
Breeze A         No Date S History of the willow-pattern plate Willow pattern
Brinckmann J         1894 S Hamburgisches museum fur kunst and gewerbe handbook Hamburg museum
Britton F          1982 S English Delftware in the Bristol collection English delftware
Britton F          1990 S The Pickleherring potteries: an inventory Pickleherring pottery
Britton F         1986 S London delftware London delftware
Britton F         1994 S Photographs of delftware sherds: Toppin Collection Toppin collection
Brongniart A         1854 F Traite des arts ceramiques: Volume of illustrations Brongniart illustrations
Brongniart A         1845 F Description…du musee ceramique de Sevres 2 vols Sevres catalogue
Brunard A         No Date F Faience et porcelain aux Musee Communal de Bruxelles Porcelain and pottery
Bryan A Arts J, R, S     1971 S Changes in the ceramic tableware industry no. 5175 Porcelain and pottery
Bulte J         1980 S Invitation a la faience Faience
Burn J, G         1855 S London tradesmens tokens (at Guidhall Museum) Tokens
Bursche S         1980 S Meissen steinzeug und porzellan: Kungstgwmuseum, Berlin Meissen porcelain and pottery Berlin
Burt I         1871 S Hist. Notices of Chelsea, Kensington, Fulham and Hammersmith Topographical
Burton W         1906 S Porcelain: its nature, art and manufacture Porcelain
Burton W         1904 S History and description of English earthenware & stoneware English earthenware and stoneware
Burton W         1902 S History and description of English porcelain English porcelain
Buten D         1980 F 18C Wedgwood Wedgwood
Caiger-Smith   A         1993 S Alan Caiger-Smith and Aldermaston Pottery 1955 - 1993 Caiger-Smith
Caiger-Smith (Ed) A Lightbown (Ed) R     1980 S Piccolpasso's I tre libri Piccolpasso
Campbell R         1757 S The London tradesman Miscellaneous
Casley H         1903 S Lowestoft China Factory (Article) Lowestoft porcelain
Cecil V         1982 S Minton Majolica Minton majolica
Celoria   Kelly       1973 S A post-medieval pottery site, off Albion Square, Hanley Hanley
Chaffers W         No Date S Scrapbook of ceramic articles 1845 - 1876 Porcelain and pottery
Chaffers W         1907 S The keramic gallery Porcelain and pottery
Chaffers W         1872 S The keramic gallery (2 Volumes) Porcelain and pottery
Chaffers W         1870 S Marks & monograms on pottery and porcelain Marks
Champfleury           1881 S Bibliographie ceramique Porcelain and pottery
Chancellor E, B         1911 S The lives of the British sculptors Art
Charles B, H         1974 S Pottery and Porcelain: a glossary of terms Porcelain and pottery
Charleston R, J         1954 S M. Edkins and the problem of English enamelled glass Edkins
Charleston R, J         No Date S Pottery and Porcelain at Althorp Althorp porcelain and pottery
Charleston R, J         1987 S Festschrift in Burlington Magazine No. 1010 v. CXXIX Festschrift
Charleston R, J Towner D     1977 F English Ceramics 1580 - 1830 (2 volumes) English porcelain and pottery
Charleston R, J         1968 F World Ceramics World porcelain and pottery
Charleston R, J         1959 S Roerstrand: Three centuries of Swedish pottery Swedish pottery
Chavagnac le Comte           No Date F Porcelaines tendres Francaises French porcelain
Church A, H         1905 S English porcelain: V & A art handbook English porcelain
Church A, H         1884 S English earthenware Enlglish earthenware
Church A, H         1885 S English porcelain, a handbook English porcelain
Church A, H         1905 S English earthenware: V & A art handbook English earthenware 
Church A, H         1894 S Josiah Wedgwood Wedgwood
Close V Keeling V     1796 F Patent Patents
Clouzot H         1924 S Dictionnaire des miniaturistes sur email Art
Clunas C         1987 F Chinese export art and design: V & A exhibition catalogue Art
Coke G         1983 F In search of James Giles 1718 - 1780 James Giles
Comenius J, A         1777 S Visible world (translation by E. Hoole) Miscellaneous
Compton T         1895 S William Cookworthy William Cookworthy
Cook C         1948 S The life and work of Robert Hancock (2 volumes) Robert Hancock
Cook C         1955 S Supplement to the life and work of Robert Hancock Robert Hancock
Cookworthy W         1775 F Act for enlarging patent granted to W. Cookworthy & Champion Cookworth and Champion
Cooper J, C         1988 S An illustrated encyclopaedia of traditional symbols Symbols
Cooper R, G         1968 S English slipware dishes 1650 - 1850 English earthenware
Cooper R, G         1952 S Catalogue of pottery of T. T. Pottery
Cooper J         1970 S Bristol porcelain bicentenary Bristol porcelain
Cope W, H         1883 S On old Plymouth china Plymouth porcelain
Copeland R         1972 S Pottery raw materials & Cheddleton flint mill Ceramic raw materials
Cornman F         1894 S Some illustrations of olde London shop signs Miscellaneous
Cotton W         1856 S Sir Joshua Reynolds & his works Art
Courboin F         1914 S L'Estampe francaise 18C Engravings
Cox W, E         1949 S The book of pottery and porcelain (2 volumes) Pottery and porcelain
Crease J         1782 F Patent Patents
Crisp F, A         1923 S Chinese Armorial Porcelain: Sale Catalogue Chinese Armorial porcelain
Croker T, C         1860 S A walk from London to Fulham Topographical
Cushion J, P         1982 S Continental porcelain Continental porcelain
Cushion J, P         1974 S Animals in pottery and porcelain Animals
Cushion J, P         1970 S Pocket book of English ceramic marks English ceramic marks
Dallot-Navdin J         1983 F Porcelaines tendre Francaises French porcelain
Danckert L         1981 S Directory of European porcelain European porcelain
Daniell A, B         1910 S Exhibtion of old Lowestoft China Lowestoft porcelain
Daniell F, B         1931 S Historical and other portraits: Exhibition catalogue Art
Smith S, K         1999 F Cheslea China from private collections: Chelsea Society Chelsea porcelain
Davies R         1907 S English society of the eighteenth century Social
Dawson A         1984 S Masterpieces of Wedgwood in the British Museum Wedgwood
Dawson A         1994 F French porcelain in the British Museum French porcelain
De Bellaigue G         1979 S Sevres porcelain from the royal collection: Exhibition catalogue Sevres porcelain
De Lamotte           1883 S Art work in porcelain Art
De Lauregais           1766 F Patent Patents
De Mauri L         1925 S Vinovo and its porcelain Vinovo porcelain
De Piles           1744 S The art of painting Art
De Sager W, A         1946 S Making pottery Pottery
De Saumur           1980 S French faience  French faience
Delteil L         1910 S Manual de l'amateur d'estranges du XVIIIe siecle Miscellaneous
Delumosne           1978 F Gilding the lily: Rare forms of decoration on English glass Glass
Dickens H, C         No Date S A note on the art of mezzotint and mezzotint printing in colour Art
Deswarte-Rosa (Ed.) S         2003 S Majoliques Europeenes European majolica
Dilke           1902 S French engravers Art
Dillon E         1904 S Porcelain Porcelain
Dixon J, L         1952 S English porcelain of the 18 C English porcelain
Dobson A         1893 S Proverbs in porcelain Porcelain
Dossie R         1756 S Handmaid to the Arts Arts
Dossie R         1764 S Handmaid to the Arts Arts
D'Ormesson I         1977 S L'Argus des faiences et porcelaines de France French porcelain and pottery
Dragesco B         1993 F English ceramics in French archives English porcelain and pottery
Drakard (ed.) D         1993 F Limehouse Ware Revealed Limehouse
Drakard  D Holdway P     1993 S Spode printed ware Spode
Drake W, R         1868 S Venetian Ceramics Venetian porcelain and pottery
Drane R         1922 F Illustrated catalogue of collection of old Worcester porcelain Worcester porcelain
Draper J         1977 S Earthenware Earthenware
Dryden           1709 S Works of Virgil (3rd Edition) Miscellaneous
Duchartre P, L         1924 F La commedie Italienne Italian comedy
Duchon N         1988 S La manufacture de porcelaine de Mennecy Villeroy Mennecy porcelain
Duchon N         No Date S La porcelaine Francaise 18C Musees du Nord Pas de Calais French porcelain
Ducret S         1948 F Zurcher porzellanmodelleure German porcelain
Ducret S         1952 S Meissner porzellan Meissen porcelain
Ducret S         1976 F The colour treasury of 18C porcelain Porcelain
Duesbury W         1931 S William Duesbury's London account book 1751 - 1753 Duesbury
Dusejour D         No Date S The origin of the Graces Miscellaneous
Dwight J         1979 F Journal of ceramic history no. 11 Dwight
Dykes F, C         1924 S Worcester porcelain on loan Manchester Art Gallery Worcester porcelain
Dykes F, C         1931 S Some thoughts on 18th century English porcelain English porcelain
Dumortier C         2002 S Ceramique de la Renaissance a Anvers Anvers porcelain and pottery
Dwight J         1684 F Patent Patents
Dwight J         No Date F Patent Patents
Eccles H Rackham B     1922 S Analysed specimens of English porcelain (2 copies) Porcelain
Edouart A         No Date S Catalogues of Silhouette portraits Silhouettes
Edwards E         1808 S Anecdotes of painters in England Art
Edwards G         1743 F A natural history of birds Birds
Elliot G         No Date S The design process in British ceramic manufacture 1750-1850 Design
Emerson R, J         1991 S Table settings Table settings
Eriksen S De Bellaigue       1987 S Sevres porcelain   Sevres porcelain
Eriksen S         1980 S The David collection of French porcelain French porcelain
Eriksson G         1970 S European porcelain in the Kulturen Museum, Lund European Porcelain
Eriksson G         1967 S Frajaner fran Solvesborg Faience
Erskine S         1903 F Lady Diana Beauclerk Art
Esdaile A         1932 S The art of Rysbrack in terracotta Rysbrack
Esdaile K, A         1928 F Life and works of L F Roubiliac Roubiliac
Evans A, E         1853 S Catalogue of British portraits Art
Evans E         1833 S Catalogue of engraved portraits (2 volumes) (2 copies) Art
Evans V Rackham B     No Date S The Owen Pritchard collection Porcelain and pottery
Faulkner F Sidebotham E     1906 S Collection of English pottery, Salford Pottery
Faulkner T         1813 S Historical and topographical account of Fulham Fulham
Fay-Halle A         No Date S La Ceramique Francaise sous l'Empire: A travers l'enquete des prefets (1805 - 1810) French Porcelain and pottery
Fieldhouse M         1954 S Pottery Pottery
Fincham H, W         1897 F Artists and engravers of British and American bookplates Art
Fischer C, H         1906 F Catalogue of Meissen porcelain Meissen porcelain
Fisher S, W         1989 S English blue and white porcelain of the 18C English porcelain
Fitzgerald P, H         1888 S The life of Mrs Catherine Clive Kitty Clive
Fontaine L, A         No Date S Fables: Illustrations of J. B. Oudry Fables
Forster H, R         1848 S The Stowe catalogue Porcelain and pottery
Forsyth G, M         1934 S Art and craft of the potter Pottery
Fortnum C, D, E         1875 S Maiolica Maiolica
Fortnum C, D, E         1897 S Maiolica in the Ashmoleum (the Fortnum collection) Maiolica
Fortnum C, D, E         1896 S Maiolica a Historical Treatise Maiolica
Fortnum C, D, E         1896 S Maiolica Maiolica
Fournier F         1991 S La faience de Marseilles au 18s de la Veuve Perrin Marseilles
Fox J, H         1914 S The woollen manufacture at Wellington, Somerset Wool
Franks A, W         1896 S Catalogue of continental porcelain, Bethnal Green Museum European porcelain
Franks A, W         1912 S Japanese pottery Japanese pottery
Franks A, W         1893 S Handbook of Museum of practical geology Practical Geology
Frantz H         No Date S French pottery and porcelain French porcelain and pottery
Frelinghuysen A, C         1989 F American porcelain 1770 - 1920 American porcelain
G.I.C           1972 S Knives and forks in the Netherlands 1500 - 1800 Knife Handles
Gabszewicz A Freeman G     1982 S Bow Porcelain: Freeman collection Bow
Gabszewicz A Jellicoe R     1998 S Isleworth Procelain Isleworth
Gainster D         1997 F German stoneware 1200 - 1900 German stoneware
Garner F, H Archer M     1972 S English Delftware English delftware
Garner F, H         1937 S Lambeth earthenware (English Ceramic Circle reprint) (2 copies) Lambeth earthenware
Garnier E Gasnault P     1884 S French pottery   French pottery
Gastineau M         1930 F La manufacture de Sevres La revue de l'Art 1930 Sevres
Germain A         No Date S Les Clouet Miscellaneous
Giacomotti J         1974 S La ceramique 2: La faience en Europe Faience
Gibb W Rackham B     1910 S A book of porcelain Porcelain
Gilohespy F, B Budd D     1964 S Royal Crown Derby china 1876 - the present Derby
Gleeson J         1999 S The Arcanum Arcanum
Godden G, A         1964 S Encyclopedia of British pottery and porcelain marks Marks
Godden G, A         1969 S Lowestoft porcelain, illustrated guide Lowestoft porcelain
Godden G, A         1978 S Handbook of British pottery and porcelain marks Marks
Godden G, A         1978 S Minton pottery and porcelain of the first period Minton 
Godden G, A         1980 S Illustrated encyclopedia of British pottery and porcelain Porcelain and pottery
Godden G, A         1985 F Eighteenth century English porcelain English porcelain
Godden G, A         1988 S Encyclopedia of English porcelain manufacturers Porcelain manufacturers
Goodry M Lockett T     1989 S Oriental expressions: NCS Exhibition catalogue Porcelain and pottery
Goodwin G          1903 S James McArdell Art
Gordon E         1978 F Collecting Chinese export porcelain Chinese porcelain
Gorer           No Date S Old Chinese porcelain Chinese porcelain
Goss W, H         1889 S The life and death of Lewellyn Jewitt Lewellyn Jewitt
Graesse J, G, T         1872 S Porcelaines and poteries. Guide de l'amateur Porcelain and pottery
Graham   Oxley       1981 S English porcelain painters of the 18C Porcelain painters
Grant A         1983 S North Devon pottery in the 17C Devon pottery
Graves A         1907 S The society of artists and the free society of artists Art
Green V         1764 S A survey of the city of Worcester Worcester
Gulland W, G         1902 S Chinese porcelain Chinese porcelain
Gulston J         1786 S Catalogue of portraits  Art
Gunnis R         1953 S Dictionary of British sculptures Art
Haedeke H, U         1970 F Bestecke mit griffen aus meissener porzellane Solinger Meissen
Halinbourg F         1913 F Anciennes porcelaies tendres de Chantilly sale catalogue Chantilly
Hall H, B         1875 S Bric-a-brac hunter Miscellaneous
Hall H, W         1914 S Catalogue of the Kirk collection of pottery Pottery
Hancock E, C         1879 S The amateur pottery and glass painter Ceramic painters
Hand S         1924 F Signed miniatures Art
Handley J, M         1991 F 18C English transfer-printed porcelain and enamels Transfer printing
Hannover E         1925 S A handbook for collectors: III European porcelain European porcelain
Harding S         1747 S History and art of engraving Art
Harris N         1977 F Porcelain figurines Porcelain figures
Haslehurst E         1910 S The Thames Miscellaneous
Haslem J, M         1876 S The old Derby china factory Derby
Hayden A         1912 S Chats on English china Porcelain
Hayden A         1912 S Chats on English earthenware Porcelain
Heal A         1927 S The trade cards of engravers Trade cards
Heal A         1925 S London tradesmens tokens of the 18C Trade cards
Helbing H         1911 F Katalog einer Sammlung bedeutendend Porzellane Porcelain
Hillier B         1968 S Pottery & Porcelain 1700 - 1914 Porcelain and pottery
Hillier B         1992 S Early English Porcelain Porcelain
Hillis M Jellicoe R     2000 S The Liverpool Porcelain of William Reid Liverpool
Hind C, L         No Date S Watteau Art
Hobson R, L         1910 F Worcester porcelain Worcester
Hobson R, L         1905 F Catalogue of the collection of porcelain in the British Museum Porcelain
Hodgkin J, E Hodgkin E     1891 F Examples of early English pottery Pottery
Hodgkin J         No Date S Photographs of saltglaze and scrapbook of articles Saltglaze
Hodgkin J         1904 S Articles on Antiques Miscellaneous
Hodgkin J         1905 S Articles on Antiques Miscellaneous
Hodgson W         1913 F Old English china Porcelain
Holgate D         1971 S New Hall and its imitations New Hall
Holland W, F         1958 S Fifty years a potter Pottery
Holt R London S     1722 F Patent Patents
Honey W, B         1952 S European Ceramics European porcelain and pottery
Honey W, B         1928 S Old English porcelain Porcelain
Honey W, B         1948 S Old English porcelain Porcelain
Honey W, B         1952 F European ceramic art (2 volumes) European porcelain and pottery
Honey W, B         1972 S French porcelain of the 18C (2nd Edition) French porcelain
Honey W, B         1969 S English pottery and porcelain English porcelain and pottery
Honey W, B         1947 S German porcelain   German porcelain
Honhour H         1961 S Chinoiserie: the vision of Cathay Chinoiserie
Hood G         1972 S Bennin and Morris of Philadelphia American porcelain
Horne J         1981 S A collection of early English pottery Part I Pottery
Horne J         1994 S A collection of early English pottery Part 14 Pottery
Howard D         1970 S Chinese armorial Porcelain: Exhibition catalogue Chinese porcelain
Howard D Ayers J     1981 F Masterpieces of Chinese Export porcelain Chinese porcelain
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