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Gallery Images Archive - English Ceramic Circle


Encaustic decorated terracotta vase, Wedgwood, 1862 or 1888

Bronzed black basalt vase with circular bands, Keith Murray, c 1934

Caneware pie dish and cover, Wedgwood, c 1800

Plate with bird and butterfly decoration, West Pans, c 1770

Salt-glazed teapot, English Factory, c 1760

Salt-glazed tankard, English Factory, c 1760

Bocage figure of a cow kicking at a snake, Staffordshire, c 1800-1825

Figure of St Paul preaching (Porcellaneous), c 1845s

Figure of Samuel and Eli, c 1865

Dish, Bristol, 1700-1710

Tin-glazed charger, Liverpool, 1740

Plate, Bristol, 1720

Tin-glazed plate, Bristol, 1733

Figure of Ridley and Latimer burnt at the stake in Oxford, 1850-1

Plate decorated by James Giles, c 1770

Plate with the “Yellow Tiger” pattern, Worcester, c 1772

Bowl printed with the “Swan Boat Tureen” design, Worcester, c 1758

Pair of Chelsea Mazzarin blue bottle vases with exotic bird decorated panels, Chelsea, c 1760

Plaque signed “William Cordon pinxit”, English Factory, dated 1824

Figure of John Wesley preaching, c 1810-20