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English Ceramic Circle

The English Ceramic Circle is dedicated to the study of ceramics manufactured, decorated, or used in the British Isles.

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The English Ceramic Circle (or ECC for short) is the oldest society dedicated to the study of British ceramics and enamels.
Members interested in ceramics at all levels of knowledge are always made welcome. Founded in 1927, we aim to advance
knowledge by presenting new research on these subjects at our meetings and by publishing this research. The Circle`s worldwide
membership embraces collectors, curators, archaeologists, potters, auctioneers, dealers, social historians and all those with an
interest in the history of ceramics made in the British Isles.

Enthusiasts and experts in British pottery, porcelain and enamels.

English Ceramic Circle was founded in 1927.

Registered Charity No. 1097063.

Latest News

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

From 18 May 2018, the processing of all ECC Members’ personal data is governed by the new UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Be assured that we comply with our obligations under GDPR to keep members’ personal data up to date, stored securely, protected from...

ECC Editors

Patrick Hagglund has resigned from his role of ECC Editor and I want to thank him for producing the excellent Volume 27 of Transactions. Patrick is currently completing the book of papers from the Japanese Ceramic Seminar: ‘Influences and inspirations –...

If you are interested in collecting or researching British pottery, porcelain and enamels, consider joining The English Ceramic Circle today.