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Click here to go the website that contains digitised versions of the ECC Journal, the Transactions of the English Ceramic Circle, first published in 1928. It contains over 650 individual papers which have been peer reviewed research by recognized experts in British ceramics. The most recent papers are not yet available online but will be added to each year by the next volume in the series.

Access to the website is gained by first registering with the site then buying a subscription. Before you register you can try a search using the search field on the right of the page to see what content exists on the subject that interests you. To register, firstly read the instructions and then click on the menu item at the top of the page. You only need to fill out the mandatory fields plus the postal address, and then select a paid subscription.

Members of the English Ceramic Circle pay a nominal £1.00 charge to access this website. Public access is available for nonmembers by purchasing a subscription for one month (£15.00), six months (£30.00), or one year (£50.00). Becoming a member of ECC also provides full individual access to the online service and costs £45.00 per annum or £39.00 by UK standing order. To renew membership click here.

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