Ceramic Books Published in 2016 & 2017
The Marshall Collection of Worcester Porcelain in the Ashmolean Museum
by Rosalind Sword.
Two volumes with 1,250 illustrations. Purchase at Amazon.

Worcester Porcelain,
Two Australian Collections 1753-1853,
by Murray Hooper and Robert Robertson.
There are over 170 pieces illustrated and discussed
208 pages.
£60 from English distributor: Stockspring Antiques

True Porcelain Pioneers:
The Cookworthy Chimera 1670-1782
by Brian Adams
This book is about William Cookworthy – the man credited with the ‘discovery’ of China Clay in Cornwall. The publication by Brian Adams, Curator at Bovey Tracey Pottery Museum, is a result of a lifetime of research and contains over 500 pages and 1,100 illustrations of new analysis of 17th and 18th century original manuscripts – many of which have not before been published in their entirety.
Order for £72 at:

400 Years of British Collecting in 100 Masterpieces
by Patricia Ferguson
This hardback publication introduces the rich and varied ceramics in the National Trust’s vast and encyclopaedic collection, numbering approximately 75,000 artefacts, housed in 250 historic properties in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. One hundred key pieces have been selected from this rich treasure trove, each contributing to our knowledge of ceramic patronage and history, revealing the very personal stories of ownership, display, taste and consumption.
Order at £45 at:

The Transferware Recorder Number 3
Selected British Views
by Dick Henrywood
This paperback has 596 illustrations in 184 pages and is the third in the series. It covers a further 15 sets of British views, some well known, others made for the American market.
To purchase, send a cheque for £19.50 to R K Henrywood, Bow Station, Bow, Crediton, Devon EX17 6JD  UK.

Ceramics in America 2016 Annual
by  Robert Hunter (Editor)
Now in its 16th year of publication, Ceramics in America is considered the journal of record for historical ceramics scholarship in the American context and is intended for collectors, historical archaeologists, curators, decorative arts students, social historians, and contemporary potters. Purchase at Amazon.

The Ceramics Reader Paperback – April 6, 2017
by Kevin Petrie & Andrew Livingstone (Editors)
The Ceramics Reader is an impressive collection of essays and text extracts which covers all the key areas of ceramics – both past and present. It focuses on thoughts and discussions within ceramics from the last 20-30 years in particular, but also gives the reader a broad overview of the last 100 years. An aim of the book is to introduce contemporary debates, raise awareness and stimulate thought rather than to present a closed case for examination.
Purchase at Amazon.

In the Footsteps of Fidelle Duvivier
by Charlotte Jacob-Hanson
Today, Duvivier’s name and decorative work are virtually unknown on the Continent, owing to the fact that his career has received little attention outside of England. This book contains a summary of the 18th-century ceramic decorator’s career and his work for the Sceaux manufactory in France. The book includes the history of the 18th-century French manufactory at Sceaux. It also contains an Appendix with examples of his decoration in England, France, and the Netherlands. His Dutch landscapes influenced his later work for New Hall and other English manufactories and his earlier work for Sceaux, embodying the pleasing French tastes of the period, carries over to his first English decorations, confirming the suspicion that he had worked at Sceaux – not once, but twice.
Purchase at $45 at website:

English Potter – American Patriot? Extracts from the extraordinary life of Richard Champion
by Nicholas Panes
Part biography and part ceramics book, this publication reveals important and, indeed, fascinating new research about the proprietor of the 18th-century Bristol porcelain factory. A significant portion of the book illustrates fine Champion’s Bristol porcelain in the first book to cover this for over 20 years. As a bonus, buyers will be provided with a digital copy of Hugh Owens’ 1873 book Two centuries of ceramic art in Bristol (522 pages).
Order for £30 at:

A Study of A. G. Richardson & Co. Ltd’s
Crown Ducal Ware 1915- 1940
by Gerard Shaw
After 20 year’s research, this book captures the dedication, artistry and magic created by the employees at the time of the Gordon Pottery in Tunstall under the trade name Crown Ducal. This hardback book with 208 pages, 184 coloured and 38 black & white illustrations, is an important addition to the history of 20th century ceramic manufacturers.
Send a cheque for £25 plus £7.50 postage & packing to:  Sole Street House, Sole St, Cobham, Gravesend, Kent DA12 3AZ  UK.  Email:
[email protected]

Contemporary Artists Working in Clay Hardcover
by Kate Singleton
This beautiful modern volume presents the work of 30 contemporary artists who have turned to clay to shape their most innovative ideas into stunning works of art. From cups shaped like crystals to a tree trunk made of porcelain and stoneware planters painted to look like ladies, popular curator and blogger Kate Singleton collects here whimsical pieces with narrative, graphic, curious, and organic qualities that blur the line between fine art, design, and craft. Featuring a unique package with a die-cut, foil-stamped cover, this book is a vital guide to an evolving medium and a thoughtful present for those interested in the future of art and craft. Purchase at Amazon.

Miniature Baptismal Fonts
by Julian Wheeler
The author has had a lifelong interest in church art and architecture and brings his expert knowledge of a subject not previously covered to a wider audience. Most of these fonts were produced by the major pottery manufacturers, such as Spode & Copeland, Royal Worcester, Wedgwood and Minton during the 19th century. It has a foreword by Henry Sandon and is highly-illustrated book.
To order send a cheque for £8.99 to Fircone Books, 44 Wales St, King’s Sutton, Banbury OX17 3 RR   UK

English Delftware Apothecary Jars and their Contents
The Victor Hoffbrand Collection
by Alan Humphries, Henry Oakeley, Victor Hoffbrand
It is priced at £20 plus postage for the hardback and £12 plus postage for the softback. It may be purchased from

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